Support Center is awesome !

Hi Everyone, 


We have launched our new Support Centre for our customers and distributors, and we think you'll find it very helpful (maybe even awesome!). The below information will help you to understand how it works and how to manage your support requests. 


So, why is Support Center is awesome ? 


Get an immediate answer - we are adding new content to Support Center every day - answering the most common questions customers have. If you have a question, try our Support Center search bar and see what comes up.


Track all your support tickets in one place - log in to Support Center to see all your current support requests and their status; you can also submit a new request online (submitted tickets online are assigned to support team straight away and usually have a faster response time).


See support request status


How does it work? 

  1. Visit our support center
  2. Search Support Center for an answer
  3. If you can't find an answer, create a support request
  4. Get notification that support request has been received 
  5. Wait to hear from the support team 


Have questions?  create your support ticket right now!

here is the link to create new support request --> Create new ticket


Problems accessing support center ? 

Here is a link to an article on how to access Support Center.  Link 



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