Wiring a Series 900 fixed monitor RS485-USB and Power

In this article we will look at how to wire the Series 900 fixed monitor with a RS-485 connection and power. This will enable you to connect to the device and configure it as well as watch your readings in real time.


The Series 900 fixed monitor needs a DC supply of 12V, The supply must be able to deliver 800mA for the unit to correctly run. If you have a network of sensors your supply will need to be able to safely supply 800mA per device on the network. Connection to Series 900 is achieved by means on screw terminals.

From your 12V power supply connect:

Supply Positive - Connect to terminal labelled +12V

Supply Negative - Connect to terminal labelled GND

 See Below image

RS-485 (Aeroqual USB)

All Series 900 fixed monitors are capable of digital communications to external hardware such as PC's and other accessories. This allows the unit to be networked in a daisy chain, Alternately it allows direct connection to a PC via Aeroqual's USB accessory lead.

The USB accessory lead will connect directly into the RS-485 output screw terminals on the Series 900 Device. We will be using 3 connections from the USB accessory lead,

Orange - RS-485 Data + (A) - This connects to the terminal labelled 485+ or 485A

Yellow - RS-485 Data - (B) - This connects to the terminal labelled 485- or 485B

Black - Ground - This connects to the terminal labelled GND

See Image Below

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